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We are driven by a singular focus, innovation in a space which is ready for change. Our fun and unique games have been played by thousands of people for a countless number of hours. Our breathtaking NFTs have been fully integrated across our vast ecosystem. Our community is thriving and we invite you to become a part of it.


MPCKT is the in-game token for MetaBoards. Community members purchase MPCKT because they want to participate in the MetaBoards game. MPCKT can also be redeemed for NFT packs and additional items. MPCKT will be available on Arbitrum at launch.


Contract: 0xD1c533a00548Dd9C1e7b0f8Ea834F65383b116De

In 2021 MetaBoards (then Memenopoly) merged with Pocket Doge to form Pocket. MetaBoards is a revolutionary platform.

MetaBoards redefines tabletop strategy with a revolutionary, unique board game – straight to the heart of Arbitrum. Experience the evolution of blockchain gaming in a fully immersive VR world. Roll the dice, randomized by Chainlink’s VRF, on one of our five breathtaking boards, collect our stunningly designed NFTs, lock your MPCKT for rewards, and so much more!



Games are a central part of our offerings. We a true believers in the potential for blockchain based games. Currently, we offer games in two classes. Our V1 games, like Danger on BSC and Rocket Doge maintain our original “retro” feel. Our V2 games, like MetaBoards, are optimized for VR, Web3, and the next generation of NFT gaming.

Danger on BSC

Help our beloved POCKET stay alive by avoiding falling Rug-pulls, Scam Coins, Honeypots and other dangers of the BSC world. Grab the falling items to activate the Anti-Scam powerup, shoot lazers, evolve your pocketdoge into POCKET and more!


MetaBoards is a revolutionary platform. Not only does it contain a one-of-a-kind blockchain based game, it’s also our staking platform, NFT Sales portal, and houses The Vault – a miner with so much more.


Travel through the universe as you collect pocket by destroying meteorites, enemies and avoiding anti-pocket coins in this trilling adventure to the MOON!


Collect NFTs. Build your Squads. Squads Season 1 has completed and was incredibly successful. Squads Season 2 is coming late 2023!


Many of the solutions we’ve built into our platform are now available to other companies and projects looking to take advantage of our bleeding edge technology. Pocket Works is our freelance crypto platform – find the best in the business with trusted reviews, ratings, and so much more!

Meet the




Jared is our Chief Executive Officer, possessing many years of experience building and leading companies, sales teams, and strategic planning. His passion is in developing new and exciting ideas and bringing together the talent to make them come to life.



Our CTO Kevin is the creator and founder MetaBoards/Memenopoly. He comes to us with over 20 year of large scale web and mobile systems development experience. He has been developing in blockchain and crypto for over 2 years.



Gareth, our Chief Operations Officer, comes to Pocket with a diverse background in customer service, project management, marketing, and data insight. He loves understanding every facet of a business, believing that true innovation is borne out of collaboration.



With 20 years working in and leading asset management firms, MP, our Chief Financial Officer, has successfully launched numerous investment products..



Oliver, our Chief Brand Officer has worked in motion graphics, creative management, graphic design, and front-end web development for five years.



Our Chief Innovation Officer, Tristan, has over 20 years experience in building large customer and internal facing IT systems. He has been working on blockchain for about 2 years and has built more than 500 solidity smart contracts, 100 web3 dapps, and worked with more than 200 projects.

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