Pocket is not just a coin, but a mission and a vision.

We are driven by a singular focus, innovation in a space which is ready for change. Through our upcoming P2E launches, NFT platform, our revolutionary P2P wagering platform, unique financial instruments, and special purpose tokens, we are approaching the crypto space from every avenue.


Our Core Features


Our investors are our partners, our employers, and our team. We will always be upfront and honest.

Safe Investment

We want to change the world. There are no monoliths here. We can shape this future in a way that is both lucrative and fair.


We believe in giving back to the global community. In our few short months since launch, Pocket has already contributed to over five internationally recognized nonprofits.

Decentralized Finance

DeFi was created to allow anybody to achieve financial freedom. We will do everything in our power to help facilitate that goal.


Utility is greater than hype. Our products are designed to provide real world use.

Play to Earn

When it comes to P2E payouts, nobody does it quite like Pocket. We've benchmarked against all major P2E rewards available.


Please note: the Airdrop (7.6%), Development (1.3%), and Marketing (1.3%) wallets do not receive rewards. This means that 10.2% of the supply is removed from rewards entitlement, thereby increasing rewards for holders. Any unsold/unallocated tokens will be added to the Airdrop/p2e wallet.

Our Play to Earn Games

Danger on BSC

Help our beloved POCKET stay alive by avoiding falling Rug-pulls, Scam Coins, Honeypots and other dangers of the BSC world. Grab the falling items to activate the Anti-Scam powerup, shoot lazers, evolve your pocketdoge into POCKET and more!



Travel through the universe as you collect pocket by destroying meteorites, enemies and avoiding anti-pocket coins in this trilling adventure to the MOON!.



This amazing project is now part of the Pocket family, join the metaverse of board games and have fun with this original concept that mixes internet memes and a unique VR version of the monopoly board with fun and interesting NFT mechanics, try it now!


How to buy Pocket


Meet the team



Jared is our Chief Executive Officer, possessing many years of experience building and leading companies, sales teams, and strategic planning. His passion is in developing new and exciting ideas, bringing together the talent to make them come to life. Noteworthy is his love of dolphins, hot sauce, and Curious George.



Gareth, our nifty Chief Operations Officer, comes to Pocket Doge with a diverse background in customer service, project management, marketing, and data insight (yup, he does it all!). He loves understanding every fact of a business, believing that true innovation is borne out of collaboration. A crazy cat lover (he has five now: Ninja, Diablo, Kami, Kraken, and Nymph), part-time DJ, and avid gamer, he loves that the Pocket logo is a cute little puppy, an inevitable feline sibling, is the hero of our games.



With 20 years working in and leading asset management firms, MP, our clever Chief Financial Officer, has successfully launched investment products that have gone on to multi-million and billions in asset under management. MP’s experience working with capital markets and sales functions ensure that each product is given every opportunity to succeed.



Our Chief Communications Officer, Amanda has 15+ years experience in political and nonprofit communications. She believes wholeheartedly that without the Oxford Comma, the world would simply fall apart. Amanda’s greatest vice is television and prides herself on watching shows faster than they actually take to air. Her celebrity crushes are Alan Alda and Mark Twain, but she has a very special place in her heart for the fictional Josh Lyman.



Oliver, our immensely talented Chief Brand Officer (seriously, how amazing are the Pocket Doge graphics, amiright?), has worked in motion graphics, creative management, graphic design, and front-end web development for five years. How much does he love what he does, you might ask? Well, in his free time, he tinkers with game development. His favorite things are pizza, cats, the occasional walk on the beach.

Mr. D


Mr. D or better known as the kind of NFT games is the genius behind MetaBoards, his contract development skills are at the top and we're grateful to have him on the POCKET family.